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Inertia's Team of Massage and Beauty Therapists travel to your Home, Corporate Office, Resort, Boutique Hotel and Holiday Apartments in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast regions.

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About Inertia's Chocolate & Marine Body Wraps in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Inertia's Algologie marine body wraps are rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in sea water and marine plants such as iodine, selenium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, potassium and chromium essential for healthy muscles, bones and healthy young-looking firm skin

We live in demanding and stressful times, allowing little if any time for personal care. Many of us express concern for being overweight due to unhealthy diets and fast foods, leading to obesity and ill health. In addition to this, many others suffer from signs of cellulite and premature ageing. The benefits of massages and body wraps can counter these.

At Inertia Massage and Dayspa we offer you a Body Wrap in the tranquillity of the sea. The gentle remineralising, detoxification and stimulation of circulation will revive the mind, body and soul, guiding you back on the path of health, beauty and vitality.

Since ancient times sea water and sea plants have been known to possess healing and beautifying properties. For centuries Eastern civilisations looked to the sea as being a primary source of health and beauty.

It is no wonder that Algologies Body Wraps are used in over 30 countries. They are also referred to in these countries as "marine derived products providing all the essential richness and goodness from the sea which is required for healthy, young looking firm skin, for healthy cell growth and rapid skin renewal.


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