Invigorate Your Energy Levels with Our Mobile Corporate - Seated Chair Massage in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Inertia's Team of Massage Therapists, travel to your Office, Trade Show, Convention or Venue.
Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast regions.

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Seated Massage in the Workplace
Corporate Seated Massage in Brisbane helps to relieve the physical aches and pains, associated with desk based occupations. Chair massage, decreases the effects of anxiety, depression, tension, muscular pain, and improves clarity of mind.

Along with these very important health benefits, seated massage in the workplace, has been proven, to greatly improve productivity, in the workplace, and boost staff morale.

Seated massage also helps, relieve tension headaches, back strain and eye strain.

Seated Massage at your Conference/Trade Show/Event

Seated Massage at your event, will increase traffic to your stand, increases the time visitors, spend at your stand, and be drawn to your organizations, caring attitude.

Clients remain fully clothed, as seated massage focuses, on the back, neck, shoulders and head.

Corporate Massage Pricing

$110 per hour per Therapist.

example: A two hour booking, can accommodate ,12 people at 10 mins each.

For Bookings, please call 1300 700 627.

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Inertia Massage requires payment at time of booking. Please have your credit / debit card details ready. A remittance for your records will be emailed.
Please Note: As per Inertia's Terms & Conditions of Trading, Customers are required to pay Hotel Car Parking Fees on the day for Therapists attending bookings.